I had selected the tour for the Lace Museum and Lacis.  Please forgive me, someone told me not to get too excited about the Lace Museum.  so I was not.  I was part of the group that went to the park first (Lace Museum too small to fit in all of us at once).  while at the park I had a nice long chat with a new friend.  then we were off to the Lace Museum.  wow, I was so glad that my expectations were surpassed!  ok, yes, it is a little small, but everything was so well displayed.  I feel completely in love with an Alencon piece nicely displayed on a dark colored chair.  Also, yippee, they had a nice book collection for sale.  I think I purchased 5 books there.  Some of us then walked a few doors down to a Knitting shop.  quite nice.  I purchased one of my favorite yarns in gold and red, colors that I had not seen back home.

back on the bus for lunch on the way to Lacis.  We arrived at Lacis.  I had been dreaming of this moment since I heard about the tour.  So my expectations were high and they were not met.  It was quite hot in the shop and all of the lace books were in one tiny corner.  40+ ladies trying to look at the books in a tight, hot, space.  The staff did what they could but checking out took forever.  the museum was on the second floor and they were going to give a tour, but a lot of us were stuck in the checkout line, not willing to budge from our space in line.

I returned and later I visited with one of the vendors here.  It made me appreciate all the effort they put in to come to this event and how delightful it is to shop here.

well off to class


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