Morning class, then the IOLI luncheon.  That was very nice.  The meal was good and then there was a nice lecture about the lace collection at the Smithsonian.  It was very informative.  then afternoon class.

After having dinner with friends from the Salt Lake Convention, I went to the Tat Off.  what fun.  there were 10 ladies participating.  The first contest was to see how fast a tatter you were.  A prize went to the fastest and the slowest.  Then the fastest and the slowest were paired up for the second contest which was one lady was the left hand and one lady was the right hand.  everyone had a good time. 

Now let me tell you a story about Lou....see his picture above.  I was sitting on monday in the lobby doing my homework which was knitting lace and Lou was sitting close to me.  he started to chat with me and I thought was a sweet old guy making conversation.  But then I came to find out who I really was talking with.  Lou is an expert lace knitter.  I got to see his work in the vendor room, and it blew me away!  I joined his group (suddenly i forget the name) and paid extra to get all the back newsletters.  the more I spoke with him, the more I liked him and I just couldn't believe his beautiful knitting pieces.  I will put more info here later.

Ok now to one final piece of the day.... yippee yippee I won the raffle prize that I wanted.


that's all for now.  today I get to go to the Lace Museum and Lacis.  can't wait.



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