I started early this morning from Connecticut.  Sipping a cup of coffee, I started my first blog post and then I lost it.  that is the trouble with traveling and using the internet I guess.  I am now in chicago waiting for my next flight.  so let's start again....

So the day to travel to convention finally has arrived.  It seems like it has been forever.  Let's begin:

I am signed up for  a morning class with Galina Khmeleva for Fundamentals for Orenburg knitting.  I recently signed up for Galina's afternoon class,  Orenburg Lace Designs techniques.  I have Galina's book and it always seemed so complicated but in the beginning of the book, it walks you through making a small sample to learn the basic techniques.  I made 2 of them so far.  So much fun.  As some of you are aware, I have been in the process of renovating my house and this is  very stressful.  I just thought that lace knitting sounded so relaxing to me.  Also, maybe it is me, but picking out a class months before I take it, I find that I change my mind often.  Fortunately not this time.  I met Galina at a previous convention and she is lovely.

I signed up for a tour this time as well.  I'm beyond excited.  I have never been to the lace museum and that should be fun.  I have been to Lacis a long time ago.  I'm so excited to be going back.  I've already made a shopping list.

Can't wait to meet up with a couple of my needlelace ning friends.

well, I best go now, will be boarding soon.  more later.


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Comment by Teri Dow on August 2, 2014 at 9:37am
Hi Linda, stay safe but have lots of fun. Keep us all posted.

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