Monday night was the Teacher's showcase.  The big ballroom was used so there was plenty of room for everyone.  Of course, this was wonderful.  The only downside is that you see even more lace that you want to learn.  (not a bad thing).

Tuesday lunch was wonderful.  Once again, the lunch itself was good and it was nice to gather with friends.  There were more gifts given out.

Tuesday night was the annual meeting.  This went well.  The big thing was the reveal of the new logo which I think is very nice.  It only lasted for 1 hour and being tired as I was, I was grateful.

Wednesday - always a tug in 2 directions I think on this day.  I was so tired that I wanted just to hang, but at the same time the tours that are arranged are wonderful.  This time I opted again for a tour.

Tour 2: Utah Opera, Cathedral of the Madelaine, Pioneer History Museum Tour, 9:30-2:30 ($45). Guided tour of the Utah Opera Company production studio featuring a tour of the costumes, visit The Cathedral of The Madeleine, (a Roman Catholic church in Salt Lake City), meet with the other tours for a Victorian luncheon at the Lion House (12:00-1:00), home of Brigham Young, followed by a visit to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum with a tour of the pioneer era lace. (Lunch included in tour price.)


The woman giving the tour at the Utah Opera was wonderful.  She was just so excited to see us there and was full of good information.  We saw the costume shop (where irons are used so much that the water is fed into the iron by a tube from the ceiling, like they are on life support).  After that, we went into the largest closet I've ever been in.  It was unbelievable huge.  The ladies there explained how much the costumes that they have are rented all over the world.  How they make the costumes and adjust them to the specs for the company renting them.  Another high point was when the milliner talked with us and showed us a copy of hats.  Some fun stories there as well.

Then on the bus over to the Cathdral of the Madelaine.  We were given a nice tour and a lot of information.

The bus then dropped us of a short distance from the Lion House.  I was glad for that because we were able to see the beautiful gardens next to the Lion House.  It was just so beautiful.  Some flowers I've never seen before.  Lunch was wonderful.  (of course there was pink lemonade served).  They are famous for their rolls and these did not disappoint. 

The final stop of our tour was the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum which in itself you could spend the whole day there.  So many wonderful things to see and stories to hear.

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Comment by Xiaojie on August 15, 2013 at 4:01pm

O Linda, thank you for this, I am grateful that you share with us your experience. I feel almost as  I was there. 

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