The friday night banquet.... we had a ticket for a surprize gift.  what was it going to be?  It was a wooden bobbin stand.  I'm so sorry, I don't know who gave it to us.  Maybe someone can update me so I can say who.  I didn't keep mine.  I have one and my friend's sister didn't have one, so I gave mine to her.  It was a wonderful gift though.

Everyone was dressed in their fine attire.  Lace and all.  Another gift was the centerpiece.  It was 3 wire mesh bells with things underneath.  One had salt.  One had a dish of pennies (for the copper mines) and one was the cutest beehive pin cushion.  I had saved seats for some friends and let them choose where to sit.  Little did I know that underneath my napkin was a smiley face sticker (yippee) and I won the centerpiece.

The dinner was delicious as we had come to expect.  Your choice of steak, salmon and something else.  Everyone at my table had steak or salmon so I don't know what the other choice was. 

after dinner, there were awards given out and thank you gifts.  it was all very lovely, but...

it was bittersweet because as much as I was tired and wanted to go home, I also wanted to stay with these lovely people.  Imagine... getting up every morning and the only things on the agenda is lace and fun.  what could be better?  But then it was time to go as I had a very early flight in the morning.

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