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At 12:13am on February 5, 2013, Lynette Hale said…

Hi Carmelina, I am well thankyou. Hope you are too. Thankyou for your kind remarks. I love doing Aemilia Ars lace. It's very rewarding & I love to share what I do.

At 4:48pm on February 2, 2013, Linda Dumas said…

thank you for your complements.  I really enjoy working this lace.

At 7:50pm on February 1, 2013, Lorelei Halley said…


There is so much information on our site that individual contributions sometimes get lost in all the detail.  One way to keep up is to look at our MAIN page once every day.  The middle column shows a brief description of all the new content and new members added recently.  I have it set so that new photos, patterns, comments and discussions will be listed there.

At 12:50pm on November 15, 2012, Karla Barraza said…

muchas gracias! a ver que tan pronto puedo acabar otro patron y mandartela (que ya le mande la que tenia a Jane) porque de veras me ayudaria, ya que no se tanto como ustedes de como hacer patrones =D 

At 11:14pm on May 30, 2012, carmen said…

Carmelina, estoy aprendiendo puncetto valsesiano. No es difícil ni ocupa mucho tiempo.

hay sitios en internet muy buenos, si te interesa aprender

saludos desde Chile

At 11:06pm on March 1, 2012, Lorelei Halley said…


I'm glad to see you listed yourself as a teacher.  Are you settled into you new place now?

At 9:08pm on February 26, 2012, Karla Barraza said…

Hola =D

Entonces consigues los hilos por linea y te los mandan o los compras en alguna tienda aqui en Mexico? (Perdon si tengo errores grammaticos, espanol no es mi lengua nativa)

Y tus encajes son hermosas =D

At 11:20pm on February 21, 2012, Lorelei Halley said…

Hi Carmelina

Haven't heard from you in a while.  What are you working on?

At 6:41am on October 2, 2011, Susana Edith Lowinger said…

Gracias Carmelina por tu bienvenida!

Seguro que sí.

Como tus trabajos en frivolité éstos te han quedado espectaculares!

¿no hay problemas en poner mensajes en español en el grupo?... es que estoy limitada con el inglés....y no quisiera pecar de imprudente...dime si sabes algo al respecto y gracias

At 7:39pm on August 12, 2011, Antonia Lai said…

Hello Carmelina. I am into tatting and embroidery too. I also into costuming as well and wish one day to make my own needlace into my costumes. Best wishes from Brisbane, Australia

At 7:10pm on June 12, 2011, Lorelei Halley said…


I suggest you go to your profile and add the url of your picasa photos to your profile.  Any information that you typed in when you joined can be edited and updated.  If you add the url, then our other members can go and look at your work.

At 7:08pm on June 12, 2011, Lorelei Halley said…


Your Hardanger tablecloth is very beautiful.  I enjoyed seeing all the photos, including the details.  I especially like the central motif and the edge treatment.  This gives me ideas, which I may put into my own work.  Thank you for telling me about it.

At 4:10pm on May 30, 2011, Lorelei Halley said…


I'm glad you were able to fix the membership problem.  It looks like you also figured out how to delete the more recent membership.

At 7:22pm on March 8, 2011, Lorelei Halley said…


Your Hardanger embroidery is very beautiful.  But it is outside our territory.  So I am not going to approve the photos.  Perhaps you should think about setting up a flickr account    It is a free site where you can post photos for the world to see.  Go to the address above, click on CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT and follow the instructions.  Flickr is run by yahoo, so if you have any yahoo account you can use the name and password you chose for that.  There is also a Hardanger group on yahoo which I belong to, and they allow members to post photos.  You have to join the group before they let you see anything.  There is also an embroidery group on ning which has several sub-groups, and Hardanger is one of them.  Since it is also on ning, the email and password you use for needlelacetalk will work there.  Stitchinfingers would be a good place to post your Hardanger photos.  And their Hardanger group has a lot of really nice people in it.

At 7:57pm on March 7, 2011, ZITA said…

Hola Carmelina.

Dice ser mexicana , sera verdad? le pregunto por saber si alguien puede entenderme , ya que no hablo ni escribo ingles, pero  si quiero aprender el puncetto valsesiano.

Lo aprendi solo mirando a una señora el un video musical, ahora voy  por los cuadrados , lo intentare mañana.


At 5:59pm on February 4, 2011, Lorelei Halley said…


Welcome.  Please go to NOTES and read the first three.  They cover our territory, guidelines and the software.  We do have groups for Reticella and Aemilia ars, and you may wish to join them.

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