Should Amelia Ars always be white or should we be trying colour?

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I am Not using the Aemillia Ars way of working, - but my usual way - laying down an outline thread, and working with that at the ends of each row. - the Normal way for me to work.  I am using Prescencia Finca  bobbin lace white cotton threads  - 50, 60, 80, and 100 for this competition piece - and a very large lighted magnifier!!!!!

I use cotton threads for my needlelace - Guttermans sewing cotton, - it is the easiest to find - other than the Finca lace threads. I also use Brok, and the remains of Madeira Tanne that I have. I use DMC Crochet cotton, in various sizes, too  (80 tatting cotton size is really nice to use!)- whatever I have that is suitable for the project.  I like fine work, - though my eyes need a lot of help these days, and I find I need to use thicker threads more often!! Guttermans silk - on the blue reels, is Ok to work with, as is  Lizbeth crochet cotton  also, - the latter especially for knotted lace!

I, too, have a cupboard full of threads - but never seem to have the right one for any new project - so have to go and buy something!!!!!!!

For the IOLI class I took last year at Convention, I ordered some thread from a USA shop, and had it sent to my daughter, who I visited over there before convention, - so postage was cheaper, and I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I arrived!  Plenty of time to wind bobbins, while I caught up with the family! Now I still have some nice metallic threads, - and great memories of what I got that thread for. It was a great class with Gil Dye, in Metlallic Early Laces.  I have lots of metallic threads, - but not one that was on her list of alternatives for the class, -- so I just had to force myself to buy some more!!!!!!! :)

Isn't it always the way???!!!!!!!!


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