Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas. I hope you manage to find time to play with needle and thread at some point over the festive period. Looking forward to the Winter Solstice tomorrow and the gradually increasing daylight hours, so full of promise.

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Hi Teri! 

I have been inactive for over a year, but I took up needle and thread last week to start a new needlelace project, so I signed in.  It's nice to see you still here and active!  You've done some neat things since I last logged in!  Anyway, merry Christmas, happy holidays, and good wishes to you, and the rest of this lovely forum! 


Wonderful to hear from you Karen. Your cockerel still remains imprinted on my mind! My enthusiasm for NL remains as earnest as always, although I do procrastinate quite a bit when it comes to mounting finished projects. Where is your latest NL journey taking you?

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