Hi.  I started this so that we can figure out who will be getting together at SLC IOLI Convention.  I will check out the schedule of events and propose a time.  Just check in here to let me know that you are attending the convention and want to meet up.  Woohoo, I'm excited.

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I'll be there!


Thanks for taking charge of this.  It is exactly what is needed!

Thanks for this, Linda. Great idea.

I will be there !!!

I'm new to needle lacemaking and would love to meet those who inspire me so much and see what they are making now. I'll be at convention.

We will look out for you Janet. Bring what you are doing, and any help you need, and I am sure we will all be happy to help.

We are no different than you - we love to see what others are doing, - we have just got there a bit ahead of you, - so don't be shy - join in, - we were all at your stage once!!

We love to meet beginners, and encourage them, and help where we can.  This site is wonderful, in that area, - and is Great at leading people astray - like me, who is finding new forms of needlelace to try !!!

Oh how fun.  I'll be at convention most days (not Wed) I'm local so I go home at nights *laugh*.  I'm excited to meet and greet.  I'd also LOVE to see some needle lace being worked properly.  I don't think I've done a great job self teaching.

It all takes time and practice, Robin.  I am mainly self taught. I have had a couple of great workshops where I have been set right about a few things, and the rest is all from books.  I probably will only have knotted lace with me to do, as I need a bit magnifyer for my needlelace! But I will have some needlelace to show, - and I plan to put a few pieces in the Exhibition., - needlelace and a mixed lace (Beds lace edge and needlelace centre!)

I look forward to meeting you.

I just heard that I got my first choice class at IOLI!!! 

Mornings only class this time around, - Russian Braid lace, - so I hope to have time to meet up with everyone, and keep my husband company for a while each afternoon, and/or do a bit of homework, and socialize each evening.  I have almost finished my competition piece, and then I can get back to working another Pag lace piece.!  I know I am way behind, but I intend catching up - eventually!!!

Great!!! - I see spell check is working here, now!  That is a Big help with my dyslectic fingers!!!!

Woohoo.  I'm so excited.  Got my reply from IOLI convention.  am - Romanian Point, pm. Venetian Needlelace.

Venetian Gros Point is one of my favourite Needle laces.

I am sure, Linda, that you will enjoy it. I will bring a piece for the exhibition - just a single flower and leaf design, but I won a Medal of Excellence with UK Lace - the first year they gave them out, so I was very happy!!!  It is fun doing the raised cordonettes and the embellishments - but I have to be careful not to over do it!!  I get a bit carried away with them sometimes!!!

Have you all figured out where and when you will meet up at the convention?  Don't forget to bring the needle lace you have made during the last year or 2, so you can brag, with evidence!

I'm open to any suggestions, but will start the ball rolling by proposing that we have a short meeting at 5:00 on Sunday (between closing of sales room and start of dinner) to coordinate a time later in the week to get together. We can meet at the message board (where ever that will be). If we meet promptly at 5 we should have time to get ready for dinner. Does that sound okay to everyone?

BTW, I'll be traveling from July 16- August 3 with limited email, so if you don't hear from me it's not because I'm ignoring you.

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