Hi.  I started this so that we can figure out who will be getting together at SLC IOLI Convention.  I will check out the schedule of events and propose a time.  Just check in here to let me know that you are attending the convention and want to meet up.  Woohoo, I'm excited.

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"Brag with evidence" -- I Love it!!!!!! :)

We get there on the Saturday. Yes, OK I will try to be organized to meet at 5pm at the Notice Board.

I will try to wear a Needlelace flower as a corsage, for identification. Maybe the Aemilia Ars one. It is a bit larger than the others!!

I leave here on Thursday, so will not have email after that, - Unless I can use my Daughter's computer a couple of times, before convention.

Safe travel, everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all Soon!!!  (Wonderful, wonderful to meet face to face. I am getting excited about it!)

I'll be there to meet you.  Sounds like a good plan. 

Everybody who attended the convention, tell us all about it.  How did needlelace classes go?    Did our members who attended meet in person?  Did you see any new needle lace books or styles that sparked your interest?

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