Hi All.  I have a book called The Identification of Lace.  In it I found two lace styles that I love; "rose point" and "point de neige.  Does anyone know how to make these?  Or what group on needlelacetalk would be the closest to these in style?

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Who is the author of your book?  Is it Pat Earnshaw?  She is pretty good, especially on needle lace.  I have her book by that title also.  I am not aware of any book that explains the construction details of rose point or point de neige.  The rose point, from her book, appears to be a stylistic development from gros point.  And point de neige is later still.  Perhaps one of our history experts will know of some obscure article somewhere that discusses the construction details of those laces.  But I suspect that nobody has actually published anything about them (I can hope to be wrong).  I also suspect that it may be up to us to figure it out.  What we need, at a minimum, are really good, up close, photographs of several examples of these laces.  And then we can possibly figure out what they did.

From the point of view of a lace making student, probably the best course would be to learn gros point, once you get to the intermediate level.  Then you will have the skills needed.  And when somebody finally figures out what they did, you will be ready to go.

Other thoughts?

Yes. It is by Earnshaw. I guess I'll join the gros point group and begin learning. Thanks! :)

Which specific one is possibly rose point? It would be good to have an example to refer to.

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