Hello, I am Ann from Virginia, USA.  I am delighted to be a member of this group.  I have three questions, after looking at our Groups available and the notes about Ning. 

Is Irish Carackmacross Lace considered "true" needlelace?  If so, would it be possible to start a group? 

Second, is the software that I am using to type this, Ning?  Is there a way to search in Ning, for other needle-lace groups (two I believe were mentioned in the Notes). 

Finally, I am interested to learn ideas about how members use their handmade lace (purely as exhibition samples?  decorative for linens and clothing?  other, and does any one know of a good book or two that offers such ideas?).  I know this is a long post from a new member, and thanks in advance for any feedback.  

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Ann - Carrickmacross is a mixture of applique with embroidery stitches added. Personally, I consider it lace, but not needlelace. I started needlelacetalk because I wanted to foster developments in true needlelace, which is a difficult technique that needs lots of practice. I wanted to focus on that. 

However there is another ning group that I administer which does includce carrickmacross. It is also free to join, and you can use the same password for both . http://laceioli.ning.com 

Ning no longer makes it possible to search ning for their groups. The only way is to concoct some search words, including ning as one of the words.  Such as,                  embroidery ning             or             lace   ning

Since "ning" is a group of letters in many other words, that doesn't help too much.

In response to your question I just started a forum on this subject, so we can put all our comments and questions on that subject in the same place.


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