Once again, I must ask our members to contribute towards our annual fee to ning.  Our fee of $240 will be due on July 20th.  I ask our members to donate whatever they can afford to cover the cost.  There is no set amount.  Even a small donation will be welcome.   

Let me explain for our newer members. This site is hosted by an entity called Ning. They created the software, which I used to set up our online community. We first went online on February 16, 2010. In July of that year they began requiring a hosting fee. Rather than requiring a membership fee (which might put off some of our poorer prospective members) I decided to ask for donations instead. No one is required to donate. But I cannot afford to pay the fee as well as do the work of maintaining our site. I am retired, and live on a very small pension. I have time, but not money.  

So your donation should be made to my paypal account, using my personal email address as the destination:                      lhalley@bytemeusa.com     

Paypal will accept major credit cards as payment sources, and will convert other currencies to U.S. dollars. You do not need to have a Paypal account yourself to use it for donation purposes. Please specify that the donation is for needlelacetalk.   I will then pay ning's fee.    

I will post a list of our donors on the opening page of our network, in the right hand column. And a huge THANK YOU to all who help out with this.

Go to this page on the paypal website:    


It is a 3 step process.

1. Type in an amount

2. Tell it the destination TO: lhalley@bytemeusa.com, and tell it your email address.

3. It wants to create an account for you. And you can tell it which major credit card you will use for the payment.

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I've had tremendous pleasure from this site since I joined a short while ago, so thank you
Robert, Maureen, Christiane, Linda, Janet and Michael at the Guild of Needlelaces for so generously enabling it to function for another year. Lorelei will be in for a nice surprise when she logs in later and it will no doubt be a big weight off her shoulders.

I agree.  I don't know what I would do without this site..  and thank you Teri.

A big thank you to Lorelei!!!!!!!!!!!

I too would like to thank all those that donated towards the host fee, including you Teri. And a HUGE HUGE thank you to Lorelei for having the foresight, time and the ability to set the site up. So now we can get back to the lace.

Michael Dennis

THANK YOU and the Guild of Needle Laces for your donation. We now have enough money to pay our NING fee.  And I am glad to know that all my hard work is appreciated and used by our members.


Michael Dennis said:

Hi Halley

On behalf of the Guild of Needlelaces we have just donated $50. I hope this is enough to keep the site going.

Best Wishes

Michael Dennis

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