Sorry everybody. The software says I posted all those photos. I just put them in albums. The software persists in announcing my action incorrectly. Can't fix it unless the ning team works on the problem, and they just don't want to.

A more serious potential problem has come up and I must warn everybody.  If you delete yourself from membership, even intending to do it temporarily, the software also deletes all your content -- your photos, your comments, your questions, your discussions -- .   Everything you created evaporates and is not retrievable.

So, if you are planning a trip and don't want a huge number of emails to greet you on returning, you can deal with that problem by telling the software not to send you any more emails. When you get back you can change that again.  All the content is still there, it just isn't clogging your inbox.  If you have questions about this contact me privately and I'll give more detailed instructions.

Also, a reminder about tags.  When you attach tags to a photo or a discussion that you start, the software requires a certain "grammar" to be used.  If your tag is multiple words you must surround the phrase by quotation marks, and each tag must be separated by a comma.

lace jewelry    will be read by the software as     "lace"    and   "jewelry"

If you want it to function as lace jewelry you must enter it as  "lace jewelry"

"modern gros point" is a phrase matching many of our photos.  But   modern gros point will be interpreted by the software as modern, gros, point.  And those 3 words will be useless if somebody outside our network is looking for photos of your work.


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Thank you for updating us regarding the software glitches and also for letting us know about the loss of information if we decide to unsubscribe for a while as we will be away or whatever. It would be a shame if the valuable information on this site was lost. I hope that the information on here can be protected for everyone as it is a valuable source not to be lost.
And what has happened to the leaderboards, they seem to have been empty for a while now? But Laceioli ones seem to be working. I do hope this isn't a start of technical problems which will impede the operation of the site.

I noticed the problem with the leaderboards, too. I'll have to contact ning to see if they know why.

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