This is my current work in progress.

The inspiration for the stitches came from Maureen Bromley - her abstract design which featured the daisy-like flowers and the her glorious purple design featuring the pea stitch variation.

The inspiration for the design came via a strange source - my greenhouse and a love of Ikebana, which is as strong a pull as needlelace! In Ikebana we are constantly looking around us for inspiration in nature. The same is true of Needlelace. Only the other evening whilst watching an amazing programme on the wilds of China,I was suddenly gripped by the forms of the terraced paddy fields of rice and it's got me thinking of how to translate the shapes into needlelace and the current topic of circles for the next project. Much to think about ...

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That is impressive Teri. It looks as if you are leaving an end from each buttonhole ring, but you don't need to as they are already attached. Just get a sharp needle and rung the thread through the back of the ring, approximately half way round to lose it and then cut off short. It is a little fiddle but worth getting rid if the ends as you go.
Thank you Maureen. I was unsure about the threads and distorting the rings but I will certainly finish them off before going any further. I've had a lot of pleasure doing the 'daisies' and can't get over how effective they are. It is strange how changing one stitch can change a design from heavy to light.So glad you posted the abstract design!

I just love it.  You've done so well.  I'll bring a gold star for you on Saturday.  What's your next project?

Looks really good.

Thank you Anne. It has given me immense pleasure and I am quite chuffed with those little daisy rings. Still got to make a start on the cobweb and also found another pattern suitable for NL which I found on EBay last night. It's a lovely circular design by Joan Masterton. I think I will order the actual pattern and work one in NL and another in whatever the actual design was done in and thus have a pair. See you soon.
Thank you Lorelei. I've really got the needle lace bug so's just So stimulating when a stitch works out. Your site is like my umbilical cord, constantly attached to it!

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