Should Amelia Ars always be white or should we be trying colour?

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I see no one has taken the bait for your question. So I'll just add my opinion (the opinion of someone who has never done this particular form): do what pleases you. The traditionalists may shudder, but if you want color, use it. Bedfordshire bobbin lace is traditionally done in white linen but Underwood's lesson book shows many of her laces worked in mauve and dusty rose, and they look marvelous. I think this is the same situation.
Traditionally Aemilia Ars is white, of course. I tried to work it in colour; in my photos album you can see a little scissor fob with an application in Aemilia Ars worked in I think it's pretty. When I work with colored thread I employ DMC fil à dentelles n° 80.

I plan to use colour for this lace, too. 

I plan to do the flower from a web site, - and that is shown in colour and looks great.  I see it is currently being worked in a variegated orange colour and looks great - check the photo section!

I am a traditionalist, usually, but plan to branch out into colour now!

Hi Elizabeth,
I have only used white and Ecru so far, but would love to use different colors when I am more proficient at making the lace. :)

Why wait till you are more proficient? - use colour now, if that is what you fancy doing!

Dark colours are hard on the eyes, but bright colours and pastel (Light) colours are great to work with.  Do whatever you want. - we are not forced to stay in one traditional way, nowadays, - Modern thinking has taken over - just look at some of the gorgeous photos of lace on this site, and see how colour and modern designs have taken over!!  We make lace for fun, and to please ourselves, - not as a profession and to sell, - so do whatever seems right for you!!  

(I am going Radical again!!!!!!!! :) :) )

Lol Elizabeth. I am fairly new at making needle lace (I have made other types of lace using lots of color) and I agree that lace is stunning in color. I love to see the individuality in contemporary designs. I just want to be able to do the peice justice when I use color in needle lace. I feel as if I am almost there. I used white and ecru to learn with, because I am not all that upset when I make a mistake and have to start over and the like. But I really dislike having to scrap beautiful color threads, if that makes any sense. Lol :)

I can understand that Regina! I use mainly whit threads, but am trying to branch out into colour, these days.

Teaching samples are best, I find, in white as they photocopy more clearly, if they are on a dark background, for  giving out in class.

Cutting out and redoing a section is a pain!!  I have just been struggling with one section in my current piece - for a competition, and it has taken me 3 or 4 goes to get it right!~ Grrr!

You are doing very well,  and your work is lovely. - Keep the photos coming so we can all enjoy your lace!

There are some very talented people around - and lot of them on this list!  I Love it!!!

Oh wow! A competition peice? I do hope you will grace us with photos as inspiration! What is wonderful about lace, is that it is lovely in all forms. When it is in color, it has a modern feel and delights the senses, but seeing it in traditional white and cream, brings a feeling of nostalgia, refinement, and grace. :)
If you do not mind me asking, as a lacemaker with experience, what type of threads do you use? I learned using DMC Cordonnet Special, but I also purchased thread specifically for lace. I believe it is called DmC Turbino, and I also have some Gutterman silk 100/3 that I am saving for when my hands and eyes will be able to coordinate enough to use such thin thread. I also have some DMC dentelle special. I am admittedly a thread hoarder! Lol. I like hearing from others what they like to use and feel comfortable with because who knows, their suggestion might be the one that makes something click, and helps them to create a beautiful peice of lace! :)
Whoop whoop - another thread hoarder!! I think this is probably true of many of us. Colour is so very seductive and when thread vendors see me coming they probably rub their hands together with glee. Doesn't take much to keep a lacemaker happy. Instead of putting new purchases away when they come home, I keep them out to make the 'feel good' factor last even longer.
Lol Teri, I'm certain there are some online stores that know my address by memory! One of my favorite things to do is look at all of my beautiful threads, and the lovely rainbows they make. Whenever the post leaves a package containing new thread, it's as if I'm a child on Christmas morning! :). The plus side to all this, is that I am a very easy person to shop for. Lol. If it's thread, I'm happy.

I have used lots of different threads. For my yellow and orange Sun I used weaving linen #16/2 and linen embroidery 40/2. I have used Lizbeth 40 and 80, DMC cordonnet in several sizes, tatting cotton, bobbin lace linen in 40/2 and 70/2, pearl 12. Also DMC Broder cotton in size 12 and 16 is very nice, soft and flexible.

I love Broder cotton, but didn't think to use it for just needle lace. . .I will have to try it. :). I prefer working with softer threads, and prefer Prescencia Fincrochet over DMC Cordonnet, though I like DMC pearl cotton better than Finca Pearl Cotton. I have my personal favorites, but I don't think I've met a thread I haven't liked. :). So many different choices, and not enough hands or time it seems.


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