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I've been starting to plan my own pattern to work from for the first time, and I was wondering how important it is to have a continuous outline. Is it necessary for stability, or is it possible to work with several separate outlines when the motifs will all be joined with a ground between them anyway?


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Thanks for the link, Lorelei. Great to see it in such detail, too.

Lorelei Halley said:

This was posted today on facebook. It shows possible solutions to the problem of linking parts.


Can I also ask, what would be a relatively sturdy ground/bars to help keep everything in place? I was looking at the bars in your link, Lorelei, and I wasn't sure if I'd be better off using the traditional three threads with buttonholes over the top to make it as heavy as possible, or if that isn't really necessary. Before I got onto the design itself I'd been thinking of having quite a simple lightweight mesh background, but would that be too risky here (given the lack of connections in the design)?

The 3 threads with buttonholing over them is the usual method, quite sturdy.

A lacemaker working her own designs can choose a light super transparent ground stitch, or something more substantial. I would suggest making one piece with one method, and another piece with the other method. Practice and experimenting will give you enough experience.

Here is an example by one of our members, showing those buttonholed bars.

and another

and another

Thanks Lorelei, I'll experiment with both like you said. Thanks for the examples too. What lovely pieces!


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