Online Resources at Other Sites

Good online tutorials at other sites:

The Guild of Needle Laces has just added a tutorial to their website.  It includes detailed instruction about how to lay the cordonnet:

On my website I have collected a lot of links to online lessons, sources for stitch diagrams, photos of various working set-ups. This one explains the 4 basic working methods.  And this 2nd one explains the basic structure of the sandwich and laying the outline threads. 

Our Silvia has a very good tutorial in italian, with a handy English translation button on the page, and very good photos:   click on her tags  miei merletti  and merletti ad ago


This one has a free pattern:  very good   exceptionally good


This one has a free pattern, diagrams of how to lay cordonnet, and stitch diagrams     Photo of a piece made from her pattern.  Hazel S.


by our member Sophie, in French, with good pictures: 


Brona has a simple pattern on her blog: 


A heart tutorial:


A source for stitch diagrams: 


I also have the basic bookmark and leaf tutorials on my website, and the photos are more visible.


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