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1.  The simple rectangle bookmark is a good place to start.  Part 1  explains how to make the sandwich (the scaffold), how to couch the outline threads (cordonnet), and the 1st filling stitch.  Part 2 explains more filling stitches, and how to buttonhole the cordonnet at the end, to lock in the beginning and ending tails.  

Basic Bookmark Tutorial Part 1   and    Part 2.

Photos and diagrams for the bookmark tutorial are here.


2.  VIDEO    See Rochelle Sutherland's video for the hand positions and working method.


3.   Lenore's beech leaf pattern, leaf 10, has a somewhat more complex path for the outline threads/cordonnet, and 8 spaces for fillings.  Part 1 explains how to lay the cordonnet/outline threads, and Part 2 explains more filling stitches, and buttonholing the cordonnet. 

See Leaf Tutorial Part 1   and   Leaf Tutorial Part 2

For leaf10 use outline thread diagram LEAF 10AC  or  LEAF10DIAG (better).  Photos and diagrams for leaf 10 are here


4. Michael Dennis' videos ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

5. More easy patterns for beginners are in our album BEGINNERS NEEDLE LACE PATTERNS.  we have some hand drawn by our members or taken from online out-of-print books (and therefore legal).  For another route to finding those patterns, please go to PHOTOS, then ALL ALBUMS then BEGINNERS NEEDLE LACE PATTERNS to see all the patterns we are considering. To get a copy click on the image you want, click on VIEW FULL SIZE,  when the image pops up right click it. Then you can save the image to your computer or print it.   or click this.

I suggest going to the album, where we have a variety of patterns, some very simple. Our other pattern album, has some more complex patterns.


6.  Some other very easy patterns, that could come after the rectangle bookmark, are the basic leaf and oval patterns.

     a.  For basic leaf and oval use outline diagrams this and that.  The leaf or oval are very similar to the 1st pattern in the Guild of Needle Laces booklet.

     b.  Another pattern, a line of ovals made into a bookmark.  There are 2 diagrams. 

            Oval bookmark,      diagram 1,       diagram 2


7.  Leaf 8, the oak leaf, could come next.  For leaf8 use outline thread diagram leaf8c.


8.  Lenore's leaf bookmark and Judith Holroyd's diagram for the cordonnet path, and a photo of her execution of the pattern.


9.  For some stitches, look here  and look at this.


10.   For photos of beginners' work from our members, see 






Another possibility is, if everyone has the Guild of Needle Laces first book, we could do the first pattern -- a leaf.  The leaf and oval pattern in our album is very similar to this. 

A more complex chestnut leaf pattern:    For the last leaf GoNL leaf 2010 use diagram GoNL2010B 



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