Recommended books, from our members

"Needlace Stitches"  by Hills & Gibson

from Myriel:

This is my Nr. 1 resource for fillings and decorations.
It has the most stitches and variations I have ever seen in a book and even some I haven't seen in any other book before. Has simple drawn diagrams as well as photographs for each filling.

"Needle Made Laces" by Earnshaw
Has a good compact section about needle lace mesh grounds and very comprehensible, simple diagrams.

"Needlelace" by Earnshaw
Shows many fillings. Difference to other books is, that the diagrams are less schematic/simple and a lot more realisticly drawn.
That's an advantage since the oldish photographs of lace found in most of these books don't have great qualitiy, so these diagrams give a clearer, but still very realistic picture of how the threads in the pattern actually behave.
The best of both worlds, basically.

"Bobbin & Needle Laces" by Earnshaw
Shows many real-life examples of lace grounds and fillings in antique laces, some really close-up.
Great for getting a feeling of how to space out stitches, compose fillings, the influence of thread sizes and the overall differences between needles laces from different times.

"The Technique of Branscombe Point Lace" by Trivett
Also shows many fillings and decorations, each in simple diagrams as well as closeup photographs.



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