Working Setup and Pillows

Here are some links to photos and videos of needle lace makers.  Some work in the hand, some use pillows of various shapes. ;

A bolster can be made out of a large coffee can or oatmeal box.  See also   

A video by The Lace Guild which shows how bobbin lace and needle lace are made.  The needle lace section begins about 3.35 minutes into the video.

Needle lace in Croatia which does show enough to see the working method. The 1st part is needle lace, the middle is bobbin lace and the last part shows both knotted netting worked in the round and tenerife type lace.  Also some children learning needlelace and using a bobbin lace type of pillow shaped like a Honiton pillow but a little larger.

This one shows Burano in process, you can see how she uses her pillow:

This one shows Burano needle lace, how pillow are held, some work in the hand, one lady cuts the lace free using a razor blade

This one shows Alencon needle lace being made at the  Atelier National du Point d'Alencon, and shows how they hold their hands..!/photo.php?fbid=205318246149062&set=a.205318009482419.61877.178783055469248&type=1&theater

For a collection of videos on needle lace and other lace making methods, see: process

For another view of a needle lace pillow, look about half way down the page for several views of her 2 pillows. 

#16 in this album is a video showing the various stages in making a modern needle lace:  Also #104 shows how she keeps the lace clean when she holds it in her hand. 

Here is a woman holding the lace sandwich in her hand as she works.


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