I am new to the group and would like to contribute the following two book recommendations:

Needle Lace, Techniques & Inspiration by Jill Nordfors Clark, Hand Books Press  ISBN 0-9658248-5-3

Dentelles de l'Europe Centrale, Edition Albert Levy, Libarairie Central des Beaux-Arts, 1926


The first book has the most detailed instruction with wonderful photos and great inspiration for those interested in modern lace design.

The second book has the most wonderful and modern designs from the Werner Werkstatte school in Germany

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The second book is available for download on:




Thank you so much Sue.  There are some wonderful designs in this book.  Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Christopher: thanks.  I've added a RESOURCES section to the opening page of this group, and listed your books there.

I think many of us interested in modern needle lace are making our own designs and patterns.  That is what is fun about needlelace.  Virtually any drawing or photograph can be simplified and turned into a pattern.  For instance, a photo of the full moon with all the craters and maria.  A hummingbird motionless in front of a flower.  Or something completely abstract.


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