I've just noticed that in Cologna Veneta, a small town near Verona, Italy, there is a lace school where they make Punto Cologna, which is very similar to the Gros Point.
In my blog http://merlettoadago.blogspot.com I put some photos of this Point; I can't post them here because I haven't the permission of Mrs Edoli.

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Silvia: thank you for posting that link. I spent a good while looking at all the photos in detail. The ones of punto Cologna show enough detail to see that the patterned fillings are twisted buttonhole. Very interesting. I loved the handkerchief corners. Those make small manageable projects.
For those sacola lovers amongst us, have a look at he above site to see some updates on this versatile stitch. You'll have to scroll through to about halfway.

Thank you Teri for this link / merci pour ce lien

In october 2013 Marisa Edoni published a little but very useful book about Punto Cologna: http://www.nuovas1.it/?s=Punto+cologna
In this book she explains the stitches, but she doesn't employ twisted buttonhole, (saccola), she works in simple Buttonhole.
Sacola is emploied in Ombretta Panese books.

Merci pour ce lien. Je me suis aussi procuré de livre de Mme Edoni et effectivement, le point de remplissage principal est différent à Cologne et à Burano. Malgré la faible distance qui les sépare, il semble y avoir une technique propre à chacune de ces villes.

Thank you for that link. I also procured the Ms. Edoni's book and actually, the main filling stitch is different in Cologna or in  Burano. Despite the small distance between them, there seems to be a specific technique to each of these cities.


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