Zigzag on top of cordonette

Liz Ligeti's instructions for making the zigzag on top of the cordonnette:

I avoided trying Gros Point because of the "zigzag" or "over laid" stitches, so when it came to that point, Liz guided me through it (THANKS LIZ!!) and sent me these instructions:

"You make your picots as you work along the cordonete as normal. You can leave them out if you wish--they are just extra decoration, not part of the overlaid rings.

Just after the 2nd picot [or a set number of stitches--I did a 7 stitch space] go back and make a loop [just as if you were making a single buttonholed loop], work the 3 loop threads as normal, and start buttonholing back.


Then take a small stitch on the other side of the cordonette so that the loop lays across the cordonette, on top of the bundle where you have already stitched the cordonette. it is only a thread or two--just a tiny stitch. This holds the loop up over the cordonette, and now you have to work down the other side of the loop.

To work the other half of the loop--either turn your work, or work needle away--as you want all the knots of the stitches to be facing the same way as the first half! It is a bit awkward, but you soon get to be OK with it after you have done a few!!

The loop folds over the previously completed rasied cordonette, and is just held in place by one stitch, worked as you go. It takes a few loops to get the size of the loop right as the stitching takes up some of the loop. "

Liz is such a gem and always so willing to help. And NLT is such a wonderful resource to help all of us to be better lacers!

Hopes this helps! Let me know if I can offer any help.


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Comment by Janet Peer on November 14, 2014 at 5:13pm
Yes! This is right Lorelei. Thanks!! You deserve a halo, or a crown, or a large reward of some sort!! We are all indebted to you!

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