The Guild of Needlelaces is holding its Annual Lace Day and AGM on the 10th October 2015 10.a.m to 4.p.m. at Harvey Road School, Harvey Road, Croxley Green Hertfordshire WD3 3BN UK.   Admission is £4.00 and there is free parking with tea and coffee available all day.    However please bring a packed lunch.  The workshops available this year are Ruskin Lace with Anne Weston, Tenerife Lace with Rosemary Turner and A Free standing Snowdrop with Judith Bailey.    The workshops are £10.00 each and includes all materials to complete the project.   Book early as places are limited.  Other attractions are: An Exhibition of Needlelace, Taster sessions with experts, A Come and Have A Go, Advice Clinic, Demonstrations, Bring your own work and the Guild Challenge will be on display.   There will be traders on site all day.    For further information do visit the guild website

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You are making me jealous again, Maureen!!!!!  How I would Love to be there!

Hmmm! Must finish this competition piece, and then get stuck into the Challenge piece as soon as possible.  I have the ideas lined up to work it. I just need the time...!

I really enjoy the challenge pieces. It is fun to see how different the same design can turn out.

Is there a theme for the Exhibition, or do they just need lots of finished pieces to display, - like last year?

Hi Liz, so glad you mentioned the challenge piece, I had completely forgotten about it, though not about the biennial competition of 'Architecture'. The good thing about the challenge piece is that it is small enough to slip in between the larger projects. Now I've just got to raid the walnuts to improve my memory ..
Hi Liz. I don't think there is a theme for the exhibition but will have to double check, I got the info from the last newsletter. I have looed at the GNL website today and Mike has been working hard on it to change and improve it. Not done any needlelace recently but I really should get back to doing some. I have ideas for the challenge piece as well as the biannual piece. It is always interesting to see how the competition pieces turn out.

The current challenge piece is quite nice, and workable. I was thinking about it.

The ideas are there - but time seems to be galloping!!!!!  I like that patterns can be enlarged or reduced, and extra bits put on, so one can make it "personal". I think the whole basic idea is Great.

How can it be April 1st already -- well it is here in Oz.!!

Not a member of the GofN? Not a problem, the event after the very brief AGMS, is open to everyone!!


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