If you should ever be without grid paper this might be useful. Especially for practice pieces [which is all I am capable of thus far :0)]. I purchased it at JoAnn's. $5 w/out a coupon. It is clear, heavy plastic with a printed grid. Can be used indefinitively, I guess. Each one square inch has 16 squares or 64 smaller squares. Just place it over your design and copy. I've attached pictures. Sorry if this has already been discussed. Thought I'd share just in case it's useful to someone else.

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That looks really helpful to have.  Please can you tell me what JoAnn's calls it?

Let me know if the picture uploads. I thought I'd included it with the post. Sorry

Thanks for them both.  The first picture simply showed the grid over a flower drawing, this one has the details of the product.


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