I am very grateful for this group! I am obviously new to neelelace and was wondering if there was a discussion somewhere on choosing thread given the project"s size? I do not have any books as of yet. I ordered C Barley's, but it has not arrived. I'd like to place an order for various threads and did not know which would be good basic ones to have on hand. I just have basic embroidery threads for whitework.

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I want to make a wedding veils for my daughters. I have only found 2 books on Point De Gaze, It is very hard to find any books on it. The books I already have are by Catherine Barley and the other one POINT De GAZE BRUSSELS NEEDLE LACE by Elizabeth M. Kurella I should get any day now. I have large pieces of parchment paper will that be okay to do my veils on? Also on my threads I was going to use one of Access Commodities silks threads out of their Au Ver A Soie line, would that be okay? Thank you, Sandra 

Loretta Holzberger said:

Point de Gaze is a very delicate lace, usually made with very fine threads.  I've done some projects with 80/2 Egyptian cotton or similar weight for the design elements and 120/2 Egyptian cotton for the net.  I know finer would look nicer, but this is a thread weight that is comfortable to use after a little practice.  My lace fan in photos is worked with this weight thread.  Go to one of the lace supply dealers online for the threads if you don't already have a good source.  For practice while you are getting accustomed to using finer threads, Guttermann silk 100/3 or cotton quilting thread such as Maderia 30/2 would be good choices.  It is important to use a thread with a good twist and some body for it's size.   


I think the book by Barley is the one to use. She is a well known author and artist in this particular form of lace.  Have you done any needle lace before this? If not, perhaps you should start with a stitch sampler.


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