Hello to All,
I would like to thank Lorelie for allowing me to join this group. I am looking forward to getting to know each of you and find out what your interests are.
My needle lace passion for now is , Puncetto.
I must confess the more I know about Puncetto the less I think I know.
I ran into the YouTube video a few years back(can't really remember how long ago now). I fell in love with watching this vid and thought the finished product was out of this world! I went on a quest to find out how to do Puncetto Lace. Like most of everyone else I didn't find out much. I did come up with most of the little mags and books everyone else did but found out I needed more to learn this craft. After doing another search a few days ago I was lead to this website by conversation about a book that can be purchased in Italy titled scuola di Puncetto Valsesiano - Societa' Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso. I don't know if I have this right but I did find the website to purchase it plus others in Puncetto I think. If I am understanding properly, some here have already purchased this book. I was wondering if those that have the book could tell me how well the book has helped you considering it is in Italian and I do not speak or understand Italian. I was also wondering if this book helped you was it the kind of needle lace that is featured on the YouTube video. After scouting around the internet I have gotten the impression that there is Puncetto that you can do on fabric? Have I got this right? Puncetto can be done on fabric? I am looking for a book to help me learn like the video on YouTube. I must confess I don't think I understand all I know about Puncetto. Any help any of you can give me would be very much appreciated.

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I know the feeling - if i get anywhere with finding a book to puchase i will get in touch.

Barb G said:

Hi, I'm new here and found this site when I was looking for information about Puncetto. I have a couple books with instructions but still haven't been brave enought to try it.


I bought Anchor Manual of Needlework off Amazon.com. Chapter 11 is about Puncetto and gives some good instructions. The book also has lots of info about other types of laces, too, most of which I've never heard of.


I also have a 16 page book/pamphlet called Poncetto Lace by Signorina Theresa Rizzi and published in 1917. The book is in English and in the introduction she says, ". . . let me express the hope that my book will be favorably received by the American ladies to whom it is especially addressed."


I really wish there was someone close by to show me how to do this! lol



What a wonderful blog, I think this is going to help me.

Lorelei Halley said:

Carmen: I do not know where you can buy the book, but Brona has some basic diagrams for colored puncetto on her blog:


Could you let me know where or how you ordered this book, i would love to purchase one.
Naomi Rogers said:

Hi Linda: I too do not read or speak Italian but I ordered and have received a book, Puncetto Valsesiano Manuale Di Base. I have not started on this lace yet as I am awaiting supplies.....needles, thread, etc. but it seems to have clear diagrams. I am sure Puncetto can be done on fabric as it is suggested in the book that you start off learning by working the stitches on fabric. Desiree who is in this group could probably answer you question.

This is the very book i would like to purchase, i have also seen the coloured one on the internet and here, but it is the white Puncetto that i so love , especially after seeing that amazing video. Last night i saw that the author of the video made a comment on your blog i think 'This and That' was the name of the blog. Its where he said the only person who did all that Puncetto was the lady in the video, all by herself. You are such an amazing person to put all this work into Puncetto and helping with translation and links, living way out in New Zealand there is nothing on the Puncetto craft and I am toally alone and hooked of the craft. Thank you for giving all this information.

Avital said:

Hi, everyone, I wrote a review of the basic Puncetto book:



I also posted a glossary of Italian/English terms from the books (both basic Puncetto and coloured). The list was checked by Elena Rossi, the woman who sells the books (she offered to help me with the Italian), and by a coworker of mine who helped me puzzle out a few of the stranger terms.



Avital's glossary, and her Puncetto section is wonderful - and got me going, and explained what I did not understand from the puncetto book.

Many thanks Avital!  I have been working on knotted lace - Armenian/Easteren Mediterranean style, but the basic stitch is the same as Puncetto. I Must get time to go back to the Puncetto. I have both books - the basic one and the coloured lace one.

Oh dear! I need More hours per day...!!!


Working on fabric, is just to start the lace - first row of lace, I believe. It helps a beginner get the stitches spaced correctly, and gives you something to hold while working. Also when working a hankie or mat edge you would work it directly onto the fabric, I presume.

Good news!  A SCUOLA DI PUNCETTO VALSESIANO and L'ARTE DEL PUNCETTO VALSESIANO are back in print. They are superb books. You can buy them at https://tombolodisegni.it/LIBRI%20PUNCETTO.htm

I'm very glad someone posted from this discussion group because I could not remember where the Puncetto discussion was. :-) 

I found out when a Hungarian lacemaker who had seen my blog asked whether A Scuola was worth the price. I told her it was, especially since these books are not likely to be available for very long.

Avital: thanks


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