i would like to open this thread for the discussion of turkish oya needle lace techniques. we need a place to share our attempts (failures or successes!), questions, tips and generally a place to help each other learn this style of lace. hopefully we can learn more as a group than as serperate members who are trying to learn on our own!! i would like to keep this area of the topic of turkish oya needle lace, because i see some cross over on the comments wall about the italian version of puncetto, and i would like to see the two kept seperate so as not to cause confusion for those who are learning!

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Hi Elizabeth:

I sure found your suggestions helpful in my daily works to learn this technique, Thank you. You  Mentioned a video. I saw that she has one available, but have been unable to acquire it anywhere.

I wondered too, is it just how-to make the knot or is it filled with projects?

I do often refer to all as Oya. Albeit, I am learning mostly in oya and bebilla there is the straight return. I do use it allot and makes the work smoother, not to flip the work over and over if working it directly onto fabric. If it is in hand only and doesn't effect the outcome I do flip it and skip a straight return on the famous pyramid stitch.

I am having a terrible time getting the oya flowers right. I seem to be fine at decreasing a triangle to a point...but....making the flower from increasing to say a 5 or 6 lp. and then decreasing. it gets very out of shape. And the flowers are what I would love to work on right now for xmas. I was making a flowered hair accessory for my daughter (3rd time now, ugh) I don't know what I am doing wrong. Any advice appreciated.

Elizabeth Ligeti said:

I can only comment on the Armenian type of knotted lace - and I am a beginner, too! the knot is worked the same for all these laces, I believe.

Adjust the length of your loop just before you tighten the knot, by inserting the tip of the needle into the knot and you can adjust the loop if it is too big. Pull up the loop if it is too small.
To tighten the knot, I have been told to hold the thread (between thumb and first finger) a couple of inches from the knot, and firmly roll my hand so the thread rolls over the thumb, - ie. roll the hand inwards. I am told I am not tightening my knots enough, and that will be sorted out in class at IOLI!
Elena Dickson has brought out a video on her Eastern Mediterranean lace, and it is very helpful. Especially as I have her books. - Usual disclaimer, - just a satisfied customer!! I was put in contact with her, and she has emailed me with help! I look forward to meeting her next week.
The Eastern Med lace (Armenian) is worked only from left to right, but Puncetto is worked both ways. I am not sure about Bebilla-Oya types. I hope to find out next week!

Onna, post a photo of your flower petals, that you are working on, so we can see what you are doing and then maybe we can help you.

Bebilla flowers that Elena makes has a double knot - wrap the thread twice (2 times) around the needle, not just once like Oya.  Bebilla, as I understand it, has the straight return, and her flowers have the straight return.

Oya,/Armenian does Not have the straight return, it is all one way - left to right. Work round and round for circular mats etc,, or on the straight -  Yes, turn/flip the work.

Increasing - work a loop into the first and last stitches - work 2 knots into the first and last stitches. this give you an increase stitch.

The DVD is mainly how to do the knot and make the stitches. It does not have projects and patterns, I don't think. It is just how to start the craft, and complements her books.  Do you have access to a lace Guild library?  If so, maybe they have a copy.

Onna Addis said:

Avital! I would so love to see the animations if you ever could find time. I am in Oya up to my chin. :) You are so good at this animation. I too have found some videos they go L>R with a straight return. Some flip the work and go back and forth. Each has a definite difference in the final outcome. One is more of  a triangular looking/hex type that is with the return st. The other seems for me so much easier and more easy to control my loops.

I do have a question. I have used a tapestry needle #24 gold finished needles(22k), since I started. Then reread the supplies list in Elena's books. Calls for a #3 darning needle. So My question is, is this more for length and slimness? I have a fav. longer slim needle that I do use and seems a bit better for double knots * double wraps. Is this basically a whatever works or is there a specific reason. ie; Do I need to go find a #3 darning needle?


Avital said:

I have several books on Armenian needlelace and both of Elena Dickson's books. I've made a few flower oya and once did most of a handkerchief border in fine thread before I left it at a cafe. :-(  I've seen the basic stitch worked in both directions, sometimes over a thread carried across the row and sometimes not.


When I was trying to learn from Dickson's books I found the stylized graphics that she used for various loops a bit confusing, especially for side loops. Hmm. Maybe I should make some knotted lace animations when I've exhausted my limited knowledge of Puncetto. :-)

can you learn us how to make armenian oya

Faghia, I suggest you get a copy of Elena Dickson's books on  Knotted lace,  She has 2 books - and either will teach you the beginning of this knotted lace.  I learned from one of these books, and her instructions and diagrams are very clear to follow and learn. 


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