I would like our members to comment on and list books and resources they know of for this form of needlelace - reticella.  When we get enough responses, I'll add it all to the box above.  I think it would be useful to have your review of what you think are the strengths of each -- what you found particularly useful -- and elements you wish had been covered and weren't.  Does the book have patterns?  Beginners' level or more advanced?  Is there helpful instruction?  How long is the book?  Are the photos and diagrams really helpful, or too small or not clear enough? etc.

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Lorelei,  "The Needlemade Laces of Reticella"  by  J. and K. Kliot should be listed with the Reticella books,. I know it is mainly a reprint of Therese de Dilmont's book, - but it is readily available at the present time, whereas the De Dillmont book is not. (Yes it can be downloaded from the free books site, but not everyone can do that.)


Liz: I added a sentence, per your suggestion.

Good day, Lorelei. This is the information about the book of Virginia Bonfiglioli Chiavegato:

Title: Punto in Àere

Subtitle: Antico Merletto ad ago di Bologna.

Ed.: RE Enzo Editrice

ed.: 2003

pp.: 120

Language: Italian

It's totally ilustrated, with patterns from beginners to experts. She gives indications about fix the lace to the fabric. The graphics are big with very clear instructions (if you speak italian, I've been translating them to spanish). The patterns have numeration for the execution. The graphics are done by Sergio Chiavegato and seem engineering work: perfect.  The photos are lovely with precious examples of reticello and punto in àere. I have no doubt that it's a very useful book. I have an used book because is very difficult to get a new one. 


Another way of making this lace (Reticella)was done over a frame. These frames are unusual in this country where the fabric foundation is more common due to the freedom of design but when a long edging is needed the frames are very useful.

There's a photo showing a wood frame to make Punto in aère and Reticella. 


I added lacefairy.  Thanks.

I take what I find available on the Internet.  Dillmont books were very useful.  I bought some books (not yet arrived!).  The information available here was excellent.

That would be good.

Does anyone have any comments on this book, which is available from Lacis?

Dentelles Italiennes, M. Risselin-Steenebrugen 
History of needle lace, including Reticella and filet, from the 16th through the 19th centuries; text in French with black and white photos. (MU01) $30.00  Pages: 132

I've been learning some Italian so I can read these sites and directions better.  There are a few typos on this page.  "Guida al ricamo reticello e merlatto venziano" should be Guida al ricamo reticello e merletto veneziano.  Gli Andichi  Il Reticello should be Gli Antichi.  Hope this helps you find them.

I have purchased 2 of Giuliana Buonpadre's Reticello books from Stitch, in Willoughby, NSW, Australia. They ordered one in for me also. This might help Australian lace makers who wish to purchase from an Australian retailer.

That's useful, Keryn. I have the impression that Aussie members often have trouble finding suppliers. The distance from you to European suppliers makes the shipping expensive.


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