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Finally finished my reticella square. Based on two designs from Pagano.

Well done! It’s beautiful! 

Beautiful!!! What will you use it for?

It's just a small 5x5 square. I plan on getting it framed (poor framing person- it's going to be a pain to stretch).

Carolyn Wetzel said:

Beautiful!!! What will you use it for?

Eve, this is marvelous !!

Very  Well done. That looks Great.

Wow! A Lot of stitching there, - and all so nice and even.  I hope the framer does it justice, and knows his/her job!!

This is beautiful.  Great work.

Oh, I love this! You inspire me to persist in my current adventures in needle laces at the moment myself.  I am trying out some origninal designs with a Reticella feel.  It's a bit of a learning process, that is for sure, and seeing such beautiful results from other artists keeps me motivated!

Bravo!  Very inspiring work!

Here is a book from the Antique Patterns Library. Lots of geometric patterns. I worked one of them.    search on Cleofe Mignarelli Ricci

Very nice, Lorelei. That is a pretty corner. what are you going to do with it?  It is a pity not to mount and use it somehow. --Or make 3 more corners to match, then.........!!!!!!!!  :)


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