Inadvertently worked this stitch yesterday. Can anyone tell me please if it has an actual name for future reference. Thanks.

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I agree Karen. I think it could also be quite springy after being released so before I do the final cordonette, I am taking a leaf out of Maureen's book on her magnificent pea stitch Var.2 Petals and attaching florist wire in an effort to restrain it a little as it is net-like.

In that Encyclopaedia the Stitch numbers do Not match the Figure numbers.  It might be better to read the Stitch instructions, - which are usually somewhere near the picture, but not always alongside.  . The Stitch number (written in the text as "Stitch number four" etc) will stay the same in whatever edition you have.  Mine is a paperback edition of about 20+ years ago.

In future I suggest using the Stitch number, then we can all look it up more easily and with less confusion.  It is a wonderful resource, but obviously the reprints differ  quite a bit.

I am glad you have tried it out with some success.  There are quite a few variations, - like there are with Pea stitch.! Variations,mainly, I think with the number of stitches between the long bars.


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