Maureen Bromley's recent piece ABSTRACT DESIGN sparked a discussion of how to make little rings. So, we are starting an experiment. Anyone can join. I searched out the methods shown in DMC Encyclopedia. Participants will work various ways of making those rings, whichever ones interest you. Some simple patterns suggested

from  this pattern

Janice Blair's star

or the leaf

or flower from

The piece which started the discussion

Maureen's verbal description of how she made the rings on a square laid ground: "The circular filling is easy.  Depending on the size of your threads and the area you want to fill.  You first of all lay a grid.   This is a case of laying two threads close together (approximately quarter of an inch if you are using a thickish thread like 60 crochet cotton, but about half that if you are using a finer thread) from the top to the bottom.   The next stage is to leave a space of about half an inch and then lay another two threads close together from top to bottom and continue like this right across the space you are filling.    Then you repeat the exercise but laying the threads across the space from left to right but as you reach as vertical threads you inter-link the thread so that the squares are linked together.    Once you have done this, at each square, you then weave a thread around the square to create the padding probably about 6-8 times.  Then buttonhole tightly covering the padding around the square creating a circle with a small hole in the middle.  Once you have completed the buttonhole, join your outer edge of the buttonhole up by taking your needle through from the back to the front and then run the needle through the back of the stitches to finish.  Each buttonhole ring should be started and finished independently.  It might be easier to do this with a sharp needle so you can loose the end of the thread easily.    Again a diagram might be in Lorelei's section, and I am sure she will confirm this.     I hope you can understand this but if not, then ask.   I will do my best to answer your questions.  Have fun.  "

Karen Roy's diagram of how to add little wheels to a single Brussels ground.

Chapter 13 of DMC Encyclopedia online which contains stitches      

       look at figures 711, 712, 714, 715, 753, 754, 756, 757, 764, 765, 766

So lets each try a few of these methods, post photos as we work, and discuss pitfalls, advantages, etc.  Also post size of pattern and threads that you use. There is no need for all of us to work the exact same stitches, or to use the exact same pattern. If we each try several variants, and describe how we did them, we will end up with a useful tutorial that can be referred to in the future.  Have I left anything out?  What about proper names for these things.  Are there proper names?

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Hi all, has any one got any further with this subject, apart from Brona, with her jewellery design?

I haven't, Teri, but I intend to. I want to work on Pag also. Too many things at once. (Plus trying to civilize a little kitten.)

No I haven't done any either but once the current rush of commitment subsides then I hope to experiment. And not finished the poppy petals either.
Hi Maureen, roll on to the time when you've got More time to devote to those gorgeous poppies - girls, we are in for a treat! I see from Laceioli that you've also done a bobbin lace flower which has some wonderful movement in it. Those flowers would make a wonderful bridal posy and a bride would have them forever more.
Hi Teri. Yes I am still here, been watch NLT although too busy to say much. The poppies will undergo some slight change from when we spoke, mainly the edging, but I have painted the cake wires ready. The pattern is due to go in a pattern book so the aim is to simplify it. But I have some ideas for the middle. Once I get the three courses over, which should be two thirds through August, I plan to get the poppies sorted, well I have to because there is a deadline. The lace you saw the photo of has been put onto the bangle but it is slightly too wide so I have designed three more and am picking up some bangles next weekend. They are all bobbin lace, but I have ideas for needlelace ones as well. Time is never on my side, too many ideas, not enough time. Speak soon.


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