This network is for true needlelace  (needlelace with no parts included which are not needlemade, ie, no crochet, machine made tape, machine made net).  It is for those who want to learn or talk about antique needle laces or who wish to design their own modern and contemporary needle lace.   It is for those who want to study the construction details and historic development of antique needle laces.  Among the antique needle laces, some are: Venetian Gros Point needlelace (gros point de Venise), Point de Gaze, Alencon needle lace, Point de Sedan needlelace, hollie point, Argentan needle lace, Argentella, Point de France, reseau Venise, rose point, coralline,  punto in aria, aemilia ars, reticella, Nadelspitze, les dentelles a l'aiguille and the Mediterranean knotted needlelaces such as puncetto, oya/bebilla, or needle lace stitches. 

Teneriffe, filet lacis and cutwork (punto antico) are borderline categories, which I have now decided to include.  

Excluded are Roumanian point and Battenberg and Renaissance type laces, as are bobbin lace, crochet, tatting and knitting.  The reason is that adherents of true needle lace are very few and have difficulty finding each other.  The kinds specifically excluded are much more common and already have a considerable presence on the internet.

Those whose interests are broader than this may enjoy another online network that I administer, called laceioli.  It includes all hand made laces.  It also is free to join. Since it also is a ning network, you can use the same password there and here.   

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