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At 5:44pm on April 15, 2021, Ruby Opaltones said…

Thanks Very much for the welcome. I'll check the notes etc, and join the Sol lace group.

At 7:37pm on April 1, 2021, Moriah Aldarondo said…


Thank you for the welcome.  I would love to join the other group as well.  I will chime in if I have something of value to offer, or if I have a pertinent question.  I was wondering now that people are a little more comfortable meeting in person, do you ever set up a time of getting together to chat and craft?

At 3:35am on March 13, 2021, Jarmila Šlegrová said…

Good morning. Thank you for accepting me into Needle Lace Talk.

At 8:06pm on March 3, 2021, Linda Cummings said…

Thank you, Lorelei, I will read.   Thank you for accepting me into Needle Lace Talk.

At 6:16pm on February 5, 2021, Lorelei Halley said…

Marilisa Edoni

At 6:15pm on February 5, 2021, Lorelei Halley said…

This was posted on facebook today.

At 1:07am on January 11, 2021, Bee Lucas-Buckley said…

Many thanks and will read :)

At 12:49pm on December 30, 2020, Amanda Creese said…

thanks for accepting me. I'm currently doing a city and guilds  course in hand embroidery and learning lots of diferent technniques that i have never tried  before including needle lace.  I'm throughly enjoying the needlelace and probably because I also do knitting I am understanding how the stitiches work.  I have to do some submission pieces to complete my course and I have ideas to include needlelace in my desighs.  I'm looking forward to fidning out more about the techniques

At 2:27pm on December 6, 2020, Michele Eaton-Betts said…

Hello there, Many thanks to you all for inviting me to join you.

You might say that I have a healthy obsession with the early laces of the Baroque period.

My greatest passion for the last six years has been in the historical study of laces (mostly bobbin) in paintings and rediscovering long lost stitches, drafting them and passing them on to my students.  

I am now at the stage where I need to embrace the fact that needle and bobbin laces in the past were often blended together within the same piece. I am positively itching to learn how to make some of these wonderful needle lace stitches  and hopefully incorporate them with my reproduction bobbin laces. 

So thank you very much for this opportunity, your lovely website is most inspiring.  

At 4:58pm on November 19, 2020, ambivertedtamale said…

Thanks for the warm welcome! <3 Can't wait to start learning!

At 3:34am on November 15, 2020, Andrea Ocello said…

Good morning. Thank you so much for your kind comments

At 12:08am on July 23, 2020, Sonja Luycx said…

bedankt voor het fijne welkom, ik kijk er naar uit om deel uit te maken van de gemeenschap en leer er veel, want ik ben een echte beginner. sorry als mijn taal niet correct is aangezien ik nederlands spreek


At 8:41pm on June 26, 2020, Diana Fawcett said…
Thank you for accepting my request! I’m excited to learn about lace from all the knowledgeable enthusiasts on this site!
At 3:55am on June 13, 2020, Catherine O'Brien said…

Thank you.

At 8:01am on May 29, 2020, Karin Eda Sanborn said…

Thank you for accepting my request to join and for all the effort you have put into this generous, valuable resource.



At 6:23am on May 29, 2020, Viv King said…

Hi Lorelei,

Thank you for your kind welcome, I look forward to being a part of this community.

Regards Viv

At 4:03am on May 5, 2020, Hema Rana said…

Hello Lorelei,

Many thanks for accepting my request and welcoming me to your group. I need one help form anyone from this forum. I want to buy two books from one of the italian website but my UK server is not picking up the website and directs me to some other websites. 

following are the 2 links of the books



Can someone help me to get in touch with the website "contact me" services to place an order.

Many thanks in advance.Kind Regards Hema

At 12:29am on May 3, 2020, Snježana Topalović said…

dear Lorelei

Thank you very much, for your nice welcome.


At 7:13am on April 16, 2020, Elizabeth Horta Correa said…

Ok, Lorelei.

I'll askl Tess for more information.

Thanks for all.

Be safe.


At 7:36pm on April 14, 2020, Elizabeth Horta Correa said…


Yes, I'm from Arachne also. You said I have to ask for  john.p.cropper@gmail.com  or it's better wait you ask for more information .

Well, in any case I will wait your reply.


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